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  • We build the ultimate bad-ass driving experience

  • Some are silent, some are absolutely deafening

  • Build for destruction & crash survivability

  • Timeless, respectable, our builds are more than just "show"

  • Starting a Maverick Machine is comparable to awakening an angry monster

  • Fun to drive, never gets old

  • Add value, durability, and performance to any vehicle

  • If it says "Maverick Machines" it probably has guns or some fun way to kill you. Don't mess with it!

The ultimate: purpose designed, street fighter style, murder builds



    Interested in our designs, please send us a message!



Below are some of our favorite projects unlike anything you have every seen


2013 F350 Diesel


2 seater fighter based on the 1998 TL1000S

Dirty Fighter

1998 TL1000R complete reconstruction and modification


Custom built for John "Busa", based on a 1993 CBR900RR


Based on a "Big Red Pig" or 1989 XR600R

Think you are ready to stop driving normal vehicles and drive a vehicle that you can't wait to drive every day OR will you continue to be a slave to the automobile market?

*not for the meek, sheeple are welcome to keep drooling over our designs*




Maverick Machines LLC